Photography Light

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$129.00 USDFrom $109.00 USD
M20C, small size but has a high output, has professional dimming, and innovative features.  Within its sleek design lies a world of creative potential, ensuring every snap and masterpiece is...
ZHIYUN FIVERAY M20: Compact for Pro Lighting. Powerful 20W Output, Creative FX Modes, Easy Magnetic Mounting, and Modular Design.


$79.00 USDFrom $69.00 USD
We've condensed professional lighting from a lengthy stick to just a compact dot accompanied by advanced light-shaping accessories and a modular extension system. ZHIYUN FIVERAY M20 series is here to...
ZHIYUN Black four-leaf-shaped photography light shade, with grid honeycomb, grey zipper bag, white square panel, and photography accessory.

Modifier Pack for M20/M20C

$59.00 USD
4-Leaf Barn Doors *1 Honeycomb Grips *1 Diffuser *1 Storage Bag *1