ZHIYUN CX100 Photo Light: One Light For All Scenes

ZHIYUN CX100 Photo Light: One Light For All Scenes

Photography Lighting is An Essential Tool For Photographers. They Provide Suitable Lighting For Subjects, Enhancing The Quality And Atmosphere Of The Image. However, There is a Wide Variety Of Photography Lights On The Market, Each With Different Functions. How Do You Choose The Right One For Yourself? With The Continuous Development Of Technology, Photography, Once Exclusive To Professional Photographers, is Now Accessible To More People. More And More Middle-Aged And Elderly Friends Are Picking Up Their Phones Or Cameras To Capture Moments In Life. However, One issue Often Troubles Everyone—The Lighting. They Are Introducing The ZHIYUN Cx100 Light, Illuminating Your Creative World! No More Worries About Low-Light Photography!

ZHIYUN Cx100 Portable Photography Light is With a 100W Light Output.

ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Light is a 100W Photography Light And Also a Pocket-Sized Light. Its Biggest Highlight is Its Small Size And Versatile Power Solutions. ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Light is Only The Size Of a Palm, Weighing Only 710g, Very Lightweight, Making It Easy To Carry In a Bag For Shooting Anytime, Anywhere. This Photography Light Provides 3840Lux Light Output, Which Means Its Light Can Be Very Close To Natural Light, Ensuring High Color Reproduction Of The Subject And Guaranteeing The Authenticity And Beauty Of The Image. ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Light Also Comes With a Battery And Handle, Allowing True Wireless And Portable Use, Without Worrying About Power Supply And Cables. It Also Supports a Dc Direct Power Supply And PD Protocol Type-C Fast Charging Power Supply, Which Can Be Used With Mobile Power Sources Or Adapters That Support The Relevant Protocols To Ensure Full Power Output At Any Time. Compared To The Molus X100, The Cx100 Has a Lower Barrier To Entry And a More Integrated Power Supply.

Do You Still Remember The ZHIYUN Molus X100? It is a Retro Pocket-Sized Cob Light That Strikes a Perfect Balance Between Fashion And Practicality. Now, What About The ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Lighting? What Are Its Features? Let's Take a Look Together.

Intelligent Cooling, Stable And Durable

Another Major Feature Of This Light is The Adoption Of Advanced Dynavort Cooling System™ Unique To ZHIYUN. Combining The Design Of The Foc Fan And Specialized Cooling Design Not Only Makes The Photography Light Body Lighter But Also Greatly Improves The Cooling Efficiency. This Design Ensures Stable Output Even During Prolonged Use, Eliminating Concerns About Overheating For Creators During The Shooting Process. It Can Also Emit Soft Diffused Light, Suitable For Light Portrait Photography. ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Lights Are Also Equipped With a Dual Knob Design, One For Controlling Color Temperature And The Other For Controlling Brightness. This Allows You To Have More Options Beyond M20C, Molus X100, And Molus G200.

Mini Mount Kit For Photography Lights: Make Your Fill Light More Flexible And Creative

ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Light Also Features a Special Design, Which is Its Mini Mount Modifiers. This is a Connection Method Developed By ZHIYUN Store, Which Allows You To Quickly Install Or Replace Different Light Control Accessories, Such As Softballs, Lampshades, Softboxes, Etc., Making Your Fill Light More Flexible And Convenient. Moreover, The ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Light Can Also Use An Adapter To Convert The Mini Mount Kit Into a Bowens Mount Modifier, Allowing You To Use More Light Control Accessories, Such As Reflective Umbrellas, Honeycomb Grids, Color Filters, And Other Photography Lighting Kits, Making Your Fill Light Richer And More Creative.


ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Light: Adaptable To Multiple Scenarios

ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Light Features Two Built-In 1/4-Inch Screw Holes, Allowing Easy Installation On Light Stands, Gimbals, Extension Bars, And Other Accessories For Multi-Angle Shooting. ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Light Supports a Variety Of Scenarios. It Can Facilitate Lighting In Multi-Scenario Setups Even In The Most Compact Spaces; It is Handheld 100W Fill Light Outdoors, Enabling Quick Setup For Portrait Photography, Professional Interviews, Live Broadcasts, Tv Commercials, Vlogs, Wedding Setups, Still-Life Advertisements, Light Box Photography, Studio Lighting Photography, And Food Photography. Unlike The Fiveray M40, Which is Primarily Suitable For Small-Scale Fill Light, The Fiveray M40 is Commonly Used For Desktop Fill Light During Personal Blogger Live Broadcasts.


You Might Think That Such Powerful Photography Lighting Would Be Complicated To Operate, Right? It's Not. The Operation Of The ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Light is Very Simple And Easy To Understand. Even If You Have Never Used a Cinematic Light Before, You Can Quickly Get The Hang Of It. Moreover, ZHIYUN Also Provides Detailed User Instructions.

Having Read This Far, Are You Already Deeply Attracted By The ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Light? According To Reports, The ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Light Has Won Multiple Awards In Domestic And International Photography Competitions And Has Received Unanimous Praise From Professional Photographers. Moreover, Its Price is Also Very Affordable, Allowing You To Enjoy High-Quality Shooting Without Worrying About Financial Pressure.

In Summary, The ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Light is a Versatile Photography Light That Combines Various Advantages Such As Power, Size, Color Temperature, Light Efficiency, Portability, And Compatibility. It Can Handle All Scenarios With Ease, Whether Studio Lighting Photography Or Outdoors, Whether Shooting Portraits Or Landscapes, Whether Shooting Videos Or Photos. It Can Provide Professional Lighting Supplementation, Making Your Shooting Process Easier And More Exciting. If You Have Any Shooting Needs, Consider The ZHIYUN Cx100 Photography Light, It Will Surely Satisfy You.