TransMount Video Transmission Transmitter (AI)

$219.00 USD
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    Advanced Transmission and Control

    Dedicated to WEEBILL 2, a satisfaction for image transmission, monitoring, parameters adjustment and remote control.

    High-Quality Smooth Image Transmission

    1080P high quality image transmission is promised, as a result, it outputs clear and vivid footage. Instead of the 30FPS, the new transmitter doubles to 60FPS aiming at a smoother transmission.

    100-meter Transmission Range and Ultra-low Latency

    Up to 100 meters non-obstacle transmission distance and minimum 60ms latency, the TransMount Transmitter Al makes your work smoother and helps achieve efficient real-time delivery.

    Accurate and Smooth Follow

    More intelligent interactive experience unleashed with the TransMount Video Transmitter Al, which enables precise subject tracking triggered by a single press.

    Monitoring for Teamwork

    The transmitter Al allows an awesome teamwork monitoring. It supports up to 3 receivers at the same time, including smartphone, tablet, ZHIYUN TransMount Image Receiver and ZHIYUN MasterEye Visual Controller VC100. Get more crew involved in the shooting work and have the work done efficiently.


    Input Resolution
    Input Frame Rate
    Output Resolution
    OutputFrame Rate
    Battery Capacity
    Operation Time
    Charging Time
    Product Net Weight
    Transmission Distance

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    It does not work as it should

    I bought the Weebill 3 with the TransMount Video Transmission Transmitter (AI) and I cannot get it to work with my Panasonic GH5, if I do not use the TransMount Video Transmission Transmitter (AI) and only use my camera connected to the Weebill 3 it works perfect, the gimbal can control the camera just as expected, but if I use the TransMount Video Transmission Transmitter (AI) I mount the camera on the gimbal and connect the HDMI port to the Transmitter, then connect the usb port of the camera to the Transmitter and then connect the Transmitter to the Gimbal using the corresponding cables then the gimbal cannot control the camera, and when I connect the ZY app to the Transmitter I get an error "Synchorinization Failed, Cancel an reshynchronize with Wi-Fi" if I hit the Retry button i does nothing, and if I hit the Off button I can activate the "Live" mode but I cannot control the camera, the rec button does not activate the recording in camera, the wheel does not control the e-focus, this as it is has proven to be a waist of money.

    Dear valued customer,

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    Don't worry, please contact our technical support to help you check and confirm the reason:
    We'll try our best to help you with your product problem.
    Online support:

    Toiven Bergenthun
    Short question

    Will it work with crane 3s?

    Thank you for your valuable comments.

    Yes, they are compatible.

    If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact our technical support:

    Good day to you.

    Ömer Bülbül
    Transmitter ai object tracking issue

    Hello , i have just purchased zhiyun transmitter COV-03AI to use with my zhiyun crane 2S and sony a7 iii. On the videos and after bunch of researched i have seen everybody using object tracking but , on my phone display screen i dont have this object tracking icon which normally on the left bottom . I see people using this tool and i have already sure its compatible with my gimbal cause user guide book written by using a crane 2s gimbal , also saw many videos connectted and using with sony a7 iii but why i dont have this feature please help me??

    Please refer to the camera Settings in the compatibility list of our official website.
    If it can't be sloved, please send a video of the operation process and send it to:
    Our technical support will provide help for you.

    Ferenc Pintér

    I received it as gift but i dont need it.
    I think it works good.

    TransMount Videoübertragungssender (AI)

    wie kann ich das Gerät aufladen?
    warum ist es in 1 Stunde leer?
    wo finde ich das Passwort der Wifi um es mit der App zu verbinden?