Crane 2

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  • Batterie

  • Betriebsspannung

    Max: 12.6 v
    Standard: 11.1 v
    Min: 9.8 v

  • Betriebsstrom

    Max: 6000mA
    Min: 110mA

  • Ausgabe

    5V, 1A

  • Akkulaufzeit

    Max: 18 h
    Min: 12 h

  • Ladezeit

    Standard: 2.5 h
    Ladestrom: 2400mA

  • Kamera-Ladeausgang

    8V, 2A

  • Stabilisator

  • Nach Abweichung im Bewegungszustand

    Max: ± 0.1°
    Min: ± 0.05°

  • Neigungswinkelbereich

    Max: +185
    Min: -135°

  • Rollwinkelbereich


  • Gültige Nutzlast

    Max: 3200g
    Min: 500g

  • Verpackungsspezifikationen

  • Produktabmessung (W*D*H)


  • Packungsgrösse (L*W*H)


  • Kartongröße (Gewidmet) (L*W*H)


  • Nettogewicht


  • Bruttogewicht (einschließlich Paket)


  • Verpackungsgewicht


  • 1 x Kran 2

  • 1 x Stativ

  • 3 x 18650 Batterien & Ladegerät

  • 1 x Micro zu Micro USB Kabel
    1 x Micro zu Mini USB Kabel
    1 x Micro-USB-Kabel

  • 1 x Sony Kamerasteuerungs- / Ladekabel
    1 x Panasonic Kamerasteuerungskabel

  • 1 x Schulterstreifen

  • 1 x Servo Follow Focus CMF-01

  • 1 x Tragetasche

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Adeleke Ademuyewo
I Love The Gimble But It Randomly Dies

I honestly would like my Crane 2 replaced I think the one I have now is defective

Daniel Thompson
Enjoying my crane two.i

It a very good gamble. I like it a lot. A good value for the money.

Steve Jobs
Great gimble

Good quality. works great and no issues.
But I do wish it had an apple logo.

James Chang
Not for heavy camera

My son gave me his old Canon C100 camera, and recommend to buy a Crane2. I am retired and not a professional user, also don't want to spend a lot of money for something I don't use very often. After using Crane2 for a week that I found out it is not possible to balance my Canon C100 camera. Searched on internet and realize that I need to buy an Extended Gravity Adjustment Plate in order to balance the camera. Bought an extension and finally I can balance my Canon C100 camera. However, I found out very soon it is too heavy to handle the Canon C100 and as well as my other SLR camera by using Crane 2's handle, then I have to buy a Camera Handle Sling Grip Extension Arm. Although the Crane 2 can handle up to 8 lbs but a Camera Handle Sling Grip Extension Arm is essential to all users unless your are using small camera like Sony 6000 serials. Overall, it is an excellent stabilizer for anyone serious on film shooting.

Amazing value

Considering this was $250, it was more than worth the money. The more I use this, the more I realize just how premium everything is, from the case to the gimbal itself. Leveling it was pretty straightforward.

Things I really like about this gimbal:
It works. It has worked perfectly and had no errors.

It came with a molded case that houses everything very well, including a slot for the batteries so you don't store them in the device.

It's all metal and feels very durable. This makes it heavy but it's a fair tradeoff IMO.

Everything from the 5 or so dongles that came with it, to the charger, to the case, was all branded. The case is branded and has a good feel to it. After receiving so much white-label crap from Amazon, it was refreshing to have a premium product that has care put into the instructions and materials.

If I had some cons, they would be this:
Won't connect to very many cameras (it is what it is, it works just fine without connecting to the camera).

It didn't include the strap, and a few minor inconsistencies from the manual. But all of the main components were there, so again, doesn't change my rating.

This gimbal is very heavy, but it's all metal and feels very premium, so fair tradeoff.

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