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Tech Specs
Following Deviation in Static State Max: ± 0.04°
Min: ± 0.01°
Following Deviation in Motion State Max: ± 0.3°
Standard: ± 0.1°
Min: ± 0.05°
Tilt Mechanical Range 314°
Roll Mechanical Range 314°
Pan Mechanical Range 360°
Operation Voltage Max: 8.4v
Min: 6.8v
Operation Current Max: 3000mA
Min: 250mA
Output 5V, 1A
Battery Runtime Max: 14h
Min: 12h
Charging Time
Size & Weight
Product Size (W*D*H) 190*140*298mm
Net Weight ~895g/unit
What's in the Box
  Standard Pkg Zoom/Focus Pkg Image Transmission Pkg

Weebill S Gimbal


USB Type-C Cable; Sony Camera Control Cable; Micro to Mini USB Cable; Micro to Type-C Cable; Micro to Micro USB Cable

Storage Case

TransMount Focus/Zoom Control Motor 2.0

TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter

TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear

HDMI Mini to HDMI Micro Cable; HDMi Mini to HDMI Mini Cable; HDMI Mini to HDMI Cable

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    great gimbal at a great price point

    I bought the pro package for the video transmission system. Have to say that while I got everything working, all of the equipment needed firmware upgrades and I was unaware that was why things like the transmission system wasn't functioning. Also, the booklets that come with the unit are printed super small, and do not necessarily reflect the actual equipment (i.e. references crane 2) which are not helpful for a first time user. Even the official tutorials on YouTube need updating because the transmission system has changed, and again, for first time users this is confusing. More info is needed along with photos for assembly on the site specific to the package ordered. Overall though, it's a great package.

    Mahmudul Hasasn Pahlabi
    Light wight easy to carry.

    If there is 1 more handheld tripod then it would be great with that price.

    wily Santos
    Great tool, it's the best...so far

    I would like to know where I can get new batteries for the gimbal?

    David Pazmino
    Great Stabilizer

    I’m still in learning mode, but I have been using this stabilizer non stop, makes my shots so much better and now I can do angels in movement that were difficult before. I have the smooth 4 gimbal for my iPhone, so It made it a little bit easier to handle this one, I love to use the the tripod/handle in the upper position and use a different tripod for the base, very helpful for a lot of shots and positions.
    Great product, great bank for your buck, totally recommend this to any beginner or pro.

    Rad Astronaut
    I love it. So many features in a small package!

    The only other gimbal Ive used is my Movi Mini Mi for my iPhone, which obviously is much much lighter, so I cannot say how lightweight this is compare to other gimbals. Its not heavy but its not light either, you walk around for a while with it you know youre carrying something.

    That being said: its comfortable to hold I prefer to keep the handle (aka tripod feet) on the top angled position and holding it that way, super easy to go from high to low angles. Its really not a big deal to unscrew and put on bottom (as show in picture) to stand on tabletop, or to hold like you would other gimbals (such as a Ronin S)... so dont be a sucker and buy those quick connector things for $20 each (youd need 2 to even make it worth it) that are like quick release for the handle.

    I bought this gimbal over the other similar Zhiyun gimbal that was $50 less (Crane Lab maybe? the one that looks almost identical) for 2 reasons: this one advertises stronger motors, I shoot DSLR not mirrorless so this is important. And secondly, this has more clearance between the gimbal motors and the handle (when in underslung setup) and I didnt want my fat hands getting in the way of the gimbal when in gimbals. And this is a big deal because even still occasionally I can feel it brushing my knuckles (and I simple adjust my hand, no issue).

    I simply bought this to smooth out my shaky video. However, its got so many awesome features when you connect the app. Sync mode! Follows the gyroscope of your phone, so you can literally stand several feet away from the gimble on a table and turn your phone left, up, down, whatever and it will follow in real time. Theres almost no delay.

    Trajectory and Timelapse modes: the gimbal will act as your intervelometer if you dont have one (I dont). So you can set the settings for a time lapse and it will trigger the camera accordingly. Perfect. Then add trajectory (setting up to 5 or 6 points) it will memorize them and you set the duration and it will add motion to your timelapse. Trajectory doesnt have to be a photo timelapse. You can tell it to be in video mode and simply add movement over time (perfect for those who like Canons built in video timelapse).

    If you buy the separate wireless video transmitter ($125 ish) you can see video in the app which offers more features that could be super useful: like subject tracking. You could set the gimbal on a table and in the app draw a box around yourself in the image and it will follow you as you move around. So there you go, robot camera man for your YouTube cooking show.

    *theres some PSYCHOTIC reviews of the ZY Play app on the IOS App Store, it does NOT collect your info, Ive entered zero personal info into the app (Nor did the app ask for any). The app rules, and its a MILLION times better than the Movi app that I use with my phone gimbal. So ignore the bad reviews.

    Mounting a monitor comfortably can be rough. So my advice: get a 4 or 5 monitor, 7 are too in the way. Maybe if you purchase a large and expensive quality smart arm mount you can get around this... but I returned a 7 and went for a 5, even though I prefer the largest screen possible. I also returned one of those dual ball-head tension mounts because it SUCKED. I got one of those rigid 5 mounts for $28 and its the only solution that worked for me (see photo).

    The reduce in shake in my videos is noticeable and Im still new to using this thing. I was really nervous about dropping $400 instead of say $200 on a glidecam type steadicam, this thing earns its price tag.

    Learn to balance it (I still watch a video every time) properly until you get the hang of it. And if youre using the same camera/lens every time you only need to adjust how forward or back the quick release plate sits balanced.

    The ONLY thing I dont really like is that it didnt come with even a padded nylon case. The box it comes in is kinda like a suitcase with a clamshell hard foam inside... so its useable, but I wish I could just put this in a small padded case and throw it in my backpack. But otherwise, fully love it.

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