ZHIYUN Affiliate Program



Make money and spread the word about ZHIYUN by sending your followers and visitors to our website!

How does the affiliate program work?


  • Register and join our affiliate program

  • Login your account

  • Share the post with your customized link

  • Earn commission paid on each sale

Benefits of becoming a ZHIYUN affiliate

  1. 1. Earn up to 8% commission on all product sales directed from your social media, site or blog
  2. 2. 10% Commission for sales you generate (Content creators), 5%~8% Commission for sales you generate (General Sharers); 10% commission for sales 100K or higher per month
  3. 3. 30 days cookie
  4. 4. It's completely free to join - no start up fees or maintenance costs
  5. 5. High conversion rate
  6. 6. "ZHIYUN"-related Branded keywords SEM, Paid Search Ads etc are prohibited, however you are welcome to use "coupon, discount" etc keywords to promote SEM/Paid Search campaigns

Ready to get started?

Awesome. ZHIYUN has partnered with Affilo to offer a quick and easy affiliate sign-up process, allowing you to start earning commissions from your social media, website or blog as soon as possible. Click on the corresponding buttons below to get started.

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