Is a gimbal worth it and How to make the best advantage of it ?

Is a gimbal worth it and How to make the best advantage of it ?

What is a gimbal, what it can do and is it must have?

A gimbal is an electronic device to stabilize your smartphone or camera when filming videos. Gimbals can be categorized into two types, 2-axis gimbal and 3-axis gimbal. As for the device that it holds, some gimbals can hold small and lightweight devices, like smartphones, GoPros, actions cameras etc. Some can hold large and heavy devices, like DSLR, mirror cameras, video cameras, etc. You may wonder how does a gimbal work? How it predict your smartphone or camera move and stops the shaking?



A gimbal works to steady a smartphone or camera's motion irrespective of its movement while shooting a photo or a video. To stabilize the motion, a gimbal stabilizer makes use of 3 axes, the tilt axis, the pan axis, and the roll axis. So, if you were to move up and down, back to front or side to side a gimbal is able to calculate the angle how much the smartphone or camera will pan, tilt or roll and generates an opposite force to offset the move, with powerful motors and Inertial Measurement Unit inside.


The motors and Inertial Measurement Unit decide how smooth the gimbal controls your smartphone or camera. The 10th generation algorithm of ZHIYUN gimbals precisely removes subtle shakes in footage by re-tuning the running curves based on practical data, delivering a revolutionary stable performance.



With a gimbal, creative contents can be achieved and the quality of your videos can be greatly improved. If you are a videographer or video creator who are into action video shooting, such as commercials, sports games, wedding, etc., a gimbal would make a big difference to your videos, being more professional, and bring a better watching experience for your clients, customers, viewers.


Do I need a gimbal?

Generally speaking, if you’re into action video shooting and make a live on it, then you should get a gimbal. If you’re a beginning filmmaker and wants to upgrade your filmmaking results, it is recommended to start from budget gimbal models for beginners.