Camera Stabilizers

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ZHIYUN Crane 4: Lightweight, stable, and professional. Intelligent balance indicator lights, flexible grip, and Bluetooth control.

Crane 4

From $669.00 USD
The CRANE 4 is lightweight, stable, and capable of handling heavy payloads.  It features a new wrist rest and handle for improved grip, blalance indicator lights for a timely reminder,...
ZHIYUN Weebill 3S: Switch seamlessly, and control wirelessly—sling mode 2.5 for flexibility, built-in fill light, 11.5 hours runtime.

Weebill 3S

From $319.00 USD
With Weebill 3S, we offer a lighter and more efficient creation environment, empowering creators to bring their artistic visions to life. Together, we can make the world more beautiful, one picture...
ZHIYUN Crane M3S: New Bluetooth control, upgraded quick release, 7.5-hour battery, 1.22” Touchscreen.

Crane M3S

From $299.00 USD
Crane M3S - a product with the perfect blend of strength and grace. The Bluetooth shutter control and two-in-one quick release are crafted for every user to capture stunning visuals...
ZHIYUN Crane 2: Crane 2: Professional Three-Axis Camera Stabilizer with Dual Digital & Mechanical Follow Focus. Unrivaled Precision Control, 18-Hour Runtime.

Crane 2

$549.00 USD$249.00 USD
Crane 2 Zhiyun Crane 2 3軸カメラスタビライザーは、新たに最適化されたアルゴリズムシステムとモーター構造によりモーション感度と精度制御の両方でフィルムグレードのパフォーマンスブレークスルーを実現しながら、以前にはなかった体に触覚と頑丈なフォローフォーカスコントローラーを統合しました 業界。 OLEDディスプレイデザインとパネルのクイックコントロールダイヤルを組み合わせることで、さまざまなスタビライザーのステータスを一目で確認できるだけでなく、さまざまなカメラとジンバルの設定を指一本で行うことができます。 デュアルフォローフォーカス 360°渦 OLEDディスプレイ 長いバッテリー寿命 クイックリリースプレート ワンボタン設定 電池 動作電圧 Max: 12.6 v Standard: 11.1 v Min: 9.8 v 動作電流 Max: 6000mA Min: 110mA...
ZHIYUN Weebill 3 Camera Stabilizers: Compact, Save Effort, Vertical Shooting, Dual Quick Release, PD Fast Charging, 21h Runtime.

Weebill 3

$449.00 USDFrom $299.00 USD
Note: please kindly note the Standard Kit doesn't include a sling handle. If you need the sling handle, please choose the Combo Kit. Meet the evolved ergonomics and an integrated...
ZHIYUN Crane 3S: 55° angled roll axis, Extendable Arm, SmartSling Grip, and Advanced Zoom/Focus.

Crane 3S

$739.00 USDFrom $599.00 USD
From intense chasing shoots to studio filming, different types of shooting environments require both high capacity and flexibility of shooting equipment. The original CRANE 3 LAB, the first generation of...