Photography Light

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$379.00 USD$329.00 USD
As a lightweight yet film-grade lighting COB light, G200 not only has its own high power output, but even brings us a new experience: 180° Flexibility, light control separation, and...
Smooth X2

Smooth X2

$119.00 USDFrom $69.00 USD
SMOOTH-X2 catches your eyes not only with its stylish look but its capability. Creative bidirectional rotating to easy pack the gimbal quickly. A bunch of smart filming styles and fancy...
ZHIYUN black extendable smooth handle simple Thread Handheld Pole

Extension Rod with 1/4" Thread Handheld Pole

$29.00 USD
Name: Extension rod with 1/4" threaded handle The extension rod of the 1/4" threaded handheld rod is used in conjunction with the Zhiyun stabilizer, which is the best choice for...
ZHIYUN TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter 2.0,Enhanced Connectivity for Remote Monitoring and Shooting Wireless Video Transmitter

TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter 2.0

$139.00 USD
IMPORTANT NOTE: the transmitter 2.0 is not compatible with Weebill 2 for transmitting image to the flip screen. For that purpose, you need the new Transmitter AI version. TransMount Image...
ZHIYUN MOLUS X60 compact LED light, 60W output, RGB modes, grip battery, PD charging, Bowens mount compatibility


From $199.00 USD
• Professional Performance: Light Effect & (X60RGB)RGB Moods• Stunning Design: Only the Size of a Credit Card• Stable Output: Full power 60W output, no stroboscopic• Easy to Power: Grip Battery & PD charging• ZY...