Photography Light

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ZHIYUN TransMount Focus/Zoom Control Motor 2.0: Compact and precise, switch effortlessly between focus and zoom. Ultra-low 100ms latency.

TransMount Focus/Zoom Control Motor 2.0

$79.00 USD
TransMount Focus/Zoom Control Motor 2.0 is a high-precision control system with a compact and lightweight body, which provides creators with a flexible and portable follow focus experience. Employing an upgraded...
ZHIYUN TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter 2.0,Enhanced Connectivity for Remote Monitoring and Shooting Wireless Video Transmitter

TransMount Image Transmission Transmitter 2.0

$139.00 USD
IMPORTANT NOTE: the transmitter 2.0 is not compatible with Weebill 2 for transmitting image to the flip screen. For that purpose, you need the new Transmitter AI version. TransMount Image...
TransMount Quick Setup Kit with 1/4" Screw (2 Pack) for Weebill-S, Crane Plus

TransMount Quick Setup Kit with 1/4" Screw (2 Pack) for Weebill-S, Crane Plus

$38.00 USD
TransMount Quick Setup Kit Le kit d'installation rapide créé à l'origine par ZHIYUN vous permet de libérer et d'installer le trépied / monopode sur le stabilisateur rapidement au lieu de...
ZHIYUN black camera holder, equipped with black buttons, is a professional camera accessory.

Transmount Phone Holder

$49.00 USD
Transmount Phone Holder Le support de téléphone Transmount est livré avec un angle illimité à 360 °, vous pouvez voir la composition que vous le teniez haut ou le colliez...
ZHIYUN Advanced TransMount Video Transmitter for WEEBILL 2 ,Smooth 1080P Image Transmission, 60FPS, 100m Range Wireless Video Transmitter

TransMount Video Transmission Transmitter (AI)

$219.00 USD
Advanced Transmission and ControlDedicated to Weebill 2 (compatible with Weebill S, Crane 2S, Crane 3S for image transmitting), a satisfaction for image transmission, monitoring, parameters adjustment and remote control.Transmission Distance:...
ZHIYN MasterEye Vivid Visual Controller VC100 features 1080p footage on a 5.5-inch FHD touch screen, boasting 1000nit peak brightness.

MasterEye Visual Controller VC100

$349.00 USD
An integration of monitor, wireless image transmission receiver and remote control. Easy to carry with high performance. Skin-friendly silicone handle with ergonomic and all-in-one modular design. Highly efficient without complicated...