Photography Light

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ZHIYUN FIVERAY M40: 40W pocket fill light, compact innovation, smart cooling, versatile extension, and 50W PD fast charging.


$99.00 USD
Key Features •40W high power in a pocket size•Color temperature ranging from 2700-6500k, CRI reaches 95+•Smart & advanced cooling system•Precise parameter control via the wheels•Versatile extension (can be mounted on...
ZHIYUN FIVERAY F100: Portable stick light with 100W super brightness, Pro RGB/FX effects, and fast power bank charging.


From $249.00 USD
Key Features •100W super brightness•Pro RGB and FX lighting effects•Free three special lighting accessories•Fast & easy charging with powerbank supported•Multiple scenes: livestreaming, character close-up, still photography and VLOG Brighter with...


From $199.00 USD
MOLUS G60 makes professional lighting much more simple for everyone with 60W high power output supported by the innovative cooling technology. Serving as an universal film light, G60 ensures your...


From $249.00 USD
Lightweight yet mighty enough, MOLUS X100 is ready to upend your knowledge of COB lights. Thanks to the innovate cooling technology, the compact body enables professional power output, giving you...
ZHIYUN Weebill 3S: Switch seamlessly, and control wirelessly—sling mode 2.5 for flexibility, built-in fill light, 11.5 hours runtime.

Weebill 3S

From $319.00 USD
With Weebill 3S, we offer a lighter and more efficient creation environment, empowering creators to bring their artistic visions to life. Together, we can make the world more beautiful, one picture...
ZHIYUN Crane 4: Lightweight, stable, and professional. Intelligent balance indicator lights, flexible grip, and Bluetooth control.

Crane 4

From $669.00 USD
The CRANE 4 is lightweight, stable, and capable of handling heavy payloads.  It features a new wrist rest and handle for improved grip, blalance indicator lights for a timely reminder,...