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ZHIYUN Black four-leaf-shaped photography light shade, with grid honeycomb, grey zipper bag, white square panel, and photography accessory.

Modifier Pack for M20/M20C

$59.00 USD
4-Leaf Barn Doors *1 Honeycomb Grips *1 Diffuser *1 Storage Bag *1
ZHIYUN Dome Diffusion for G60 & X100 LED Video Light: Big Light Dome for superior diffusion on large reflectors.

ZHIYUN Dome Diffusion for G60 & X100

$39.00 USD
ZHIYUN Dome Diffusion for G60&X100 ZHIYUN Dome Diffusion, which can be installed on G60 and X100 with Bowens Adapter, is to create even and soft light source. It features a spherical shape,...