What are The Best Mobile Stabilizers Out There?

What are The Best Mobile Stabilizers Out There?

In the past if you wanted to shoot or film a high-quality photo or video, you would need to buy a professional camera to fulfil your filming needs. However, throughout the years, cameras on phones have improved significantly in quality and while still not as good as an actual camera, they are more than enough to take high quality photos and videos. While the phones themselves have built in stabilizing technology, this is done by cropping the footage in a certain way and it can cause the image to not look as good or as intended. This is where a mobile stabilizer comes in, like a camera stabilizer, a mobile stabilizer steadies your phone by counteracting on any unwanted movements to allow you to take steady, clear photos and videos. If you are someone who loves posting content on social media or just a photography enthusiast, a mobile stabilizer is an important tool to have to help you go the extra way to take high quality photos and videos. In this article we will be looking at some of the best mobile stabilizers currently available on the market made by the company ZHIYUN.





ZHIYUN is a pioneer and NO.1 brand in the gimbal market, whose audience ranges from professionals in the film and TV industry, independent video production studios to general consumers. While ZHIYUN’s main products are camera stabilizers, they also have created numerous of the best mobile stabilizers on the market. They are dedicated in igniting the passion and imagination of every filmmaker through their creation and innovation of phone and camera stabilizers. With over 5 million camera stabilizers sold worldwide, 8 years of innovation and revolutionizing the mobile stabilizers market, and multiple product awards. It hopes to co-create with all photographers and videographers to push boundaries of video creation further than ever before. Now let’s look below at some of the best mobile stabilizers which they have to offer.


The Smooth 5 and Smooth 5S

The ZHIYUN Smooth 5 will be everything you love about filming with your smartphone. The 3-axis design allows movements in all angles to be amazingly smooth, even in extreme angles. You can attach a magnetic fill light for 360° all around lighting on both sides of the new phone clamp, you can enjoy outstanding lighting backed by the 5300K-5700K color temperature. Also, you can change the colors using the light filters. All your movements and operations are just within your fingertips. The Round-cap joystick, optimized control panel and adjustment wheel provide a better experience for users to check and adjust gimbal status while changing camera parameters on the fly. An intuitive control panel partnering with ZY Cami makes every shot and a go to choice for a phone stabilizer if you are moving toward the professional level.




The Smooth 5S was just released in November as an upgraded version of the Smooth 5. With the same amazing functions, the Smooth 5S comes in with a built-in fill light along with its magnetic fill light attachment areas improving the lighting, allowing you to take clear photos at night and dark areas. Just like the Smooth 5, the Smooth 5S has the SmartFollow technology allowing you to focus and follow a specific target, always keeping it in the spotlight. Backed by a 2600mAh battery, Smooth 5 and Smooth 5S can work up to 12 hours (tested with the gimbal fully balanced). With a charge time of around 2 hours. The Smooth 5 and the Smooth 5S are both well rounded mobile stabilizers and a perfect choice for entry-level to filming professionally.




The Smooth Q4

The Smooth Q4 is the newest iteration of the Smooth Q series of mobile stabilizers. It provides an ideal solution for filming with smartphones. The brand new foldable design makes it even more compact compared with the Smooth Q3. With a 215mm extendable rod built in, SMOOTH-Q4 allows you to shoot at various angles from a wider background. You can control it easily with one hand as one-hand operation becomes simpler with the multi-functional control wheel. Simply press to adjust the brightness and slide to adjust the focal length just at your fingertips. It supports Smart follow, Timelapse, Slow motion shooting, and many more with its ZY CAMI app. The Smooth Q4 is a great mobile stabilizer if you are still looking for professional function, but would like something a bit more compact and easy to carry.




The Smooth X

If you are someone that love taking professional photos and videos, but you are on a budget, the Smooth X is a great choice of a mobile stabilizer to consider. The SMOOTH-X is a stylish palm-sized foldable 2-axis gimbal for smartphone that weighs only 246g and easily fits to pack into a pocket. It has an aluminum built-in extension rod can be extended up to 260mm, which makes Smooth X a great tool for group selfie and helps you capture the shot of that perfect angle. You are also able to switch horizontal into portrait mode with just one click! With intelligent tracking, gesture control, and simple connection to your phone via Bluetooth. The Smooth X is a mobile stabilizer that is extremely compact, simple and easy to use, and perfect for beginner photographer and videographers!





Mobile stabilizers have been slowly catching up to professional cameras in capture quality over the years. With social media being so prominent and technology being so advanced, everyone with a smart phone can produce high quality professional shots just by using their phone. However, with limited control over subtle movements, you still need a mobile stabilizer to make sure your photos and videos are perfect! With so many different mobile stabilizers available on the market, making the correct choice for yourself can be extremely hard, as they vary in prices, design, and function. We hope that after reading this article today, you have a better idea in your mind of which mobile stabilizer is best suited for you! ZHIYUN is one of the absolute best in the industry when it comes to producing mobile stabilizers. The mobile stabilizers we looked at today are just some of the great products they have created to allow photographers make their creative visions come to life! Feel free to check their website to find out more about prices and different photography or filmmaking related products! Thank you for reading.