How to choose the most suitable phone stabilizer for you?

How to choose the most suitable phone stabilizer for you?

This article will provide a detailed exploration from various perspectives on how to choose and purchase a suitable phone stabilizer.

① First, clarify a fundamental question: Is it worth buying a phone gimbal stabilizer? It's advisable not to rush into the purchase before understanding the stabilizer's features and defining your own needs to avoid regrets.

② We need to address the second question, which is how to choose a phone gimbal stabilizer. Understanding which parameters are more crucial, what suits beginners, and what suits advanced users is essential. Only after understanding the product can one prevent regrets. Whether the purchase of a phone video stabilizer is worthwhile, similar to buying other items, requires consideration of purpose and budget.

How to choose a phone video stabilizer? Let's start with the 7 key elements of a phone video stabilizer.

(1) Stability is the most crucial aspect: The number of axes in a stabilizer is inevitably the key determinant of stability. Stabilizers are generally categorized based on the number of axes, including single-axis, dual-axis, and three-axis stabilizers.Currently, single-axis or dual-axis stabilizers are rarely mentioned because three-axis stabilizers offer more obvious advantages. Therefore, it's recommended to choose a three-axis stabilizer when making a purchase. They offer high cost-effectiveness, strong stability, and good performance. The ZHIYUN Smooth 5S features a classic three-axis design, providing the most Unbreakable stability.

(2) Self-weight: One of the crucial aspects of a stabilizer is the ability to bear weight about its weight. The former determines the stabilizer's maximum load capacity. If the shooting equipment exceeds the stabilizer's payload capacity, it can lead to instability in the footage and increase the risk of damage to the stabilizer's motors. The latter determines the amount of time one can comfortably handle the stabilizer. The heavier the stabilizer, the less time one can effectively control it, considering the physical strain. Lighter stabilizers make shooting more effortless and comfortable, as it is evident that excessive weight in equipment during outdoor shooting can be quite burdensome.The ZHIYUN Crane M3S can carry small cameras or phones, offering versatile functions. With a weight of only 705 grams, it's the best choice for travel.

(3) Battery Life: This applies to all stabilizers – the longer the battery life, the better. No one wants the stabilizer to run out of battery before completing the shoot. If the stabilizer has a shorter battery life compared to the shooting device, it can lead to an awkward situation.

(4)Axial Angles:The range of motion for each of the three axes is crucial as it determines how much operational space you have for fixing the lens. Whether the stabilizer's controls are ergonomic, and if the physical button layout is reasonable, are also key factors to consider when purchasing a stabilizer.

(5) APP Interaction:Another crucial point is the APP interaction. Different brands have their unique apps with varying content. Rich and diverse functionalities in the app can significantly enhance the shooting experience, providing additional features and capabilities for users.

(6) Personal Preference : The primary function of a stabilizer is to ensure stable video footage. Additionally, each brand adds its unique features to differentiate its products. For example, designs like Zhiyun's 180° rotating fill light can be considered based on individual preferences and needs when making a purchase.

In summary, key considerations when purchasing a phone stabilizer include:

1.Stability performance.

2.Battery life.

3.Flexibility and portability.

If you want to buy a stabilizer, then you will surely know the brand ZHIYUN, and here you can introduce two products from Zhiyun's store.

Zhiyun SMOOTH 5

Stable three-axis design: Orthogonal three-axis gimbal structure design, unobstructed, wide-angle shooting. Point and shoot.

360° spatial fill light: Supports the installation of two 300-lumen fill lights, providing top and bottom dual-sided 360° spatial fill light, enough to illuminate a 15-square-meter space.

Professional "movie-grade" stabilization: Preserves the original image quality of the phone and achieves movie-grade camera movements, capturing creative cinematic shots and unlocking the full potential of your phone's imaging capabilities.


Full-angle camera movements: Designed with an orthogonal three-axis structure, it supports shooting with full-angle camera movements. It is capable of handling low angles, pitch angles, and wide-angle shooting needs, making it suitable for almost all-scenario shooting.

Magnetic steel motor: The motor is internally equipped with super-strong magnetic steel pieces, providing a more powerful load-bearing capacity. This ensures a secure grip on the phone, preventing accidental slipping during high-speed movements. It is also compatible with various large-screen phones, enhancing stabilization performance.

Rich buttons: In terms of appearance design, it ensures the lightweight nature of the device while integrating almost all the functions of a professional stabilizer on the control panel. This includes joysticks, dials, mode switches, fill lights, etc., meeting professional requirements more comprehensively.