ZHIYUN Guides You Through The Professional Photography Light - CM25

ZHIYUN Guides You Through The Professional Photography Light - CM25

In the world of photography, lighting plays a crucial role. And choosing the right photography light is one of the skills that every photographer needs to master. This article will take you deep into the types of photography lights, usage techniques, and the latest product CM25, from the ZHIYUN Store, to help you further advance on your photography creative journey.

Classification of Photography Lights

There are various types of photography lights on the market, such as pocket-fill lights, stick lights, flat panel lights, ring-fill lights, COB lights, and television lights. Each type has unique uses and advantages. For example, flat panel lights are suitable for live streaming and short video shooting, while COB lights and television lights are more suitable for professional film and television production.

Pocket Light for Photography: It is a small, portable fill light device, usually designed to be carried in a pocket or camera bag. This type of fill light typically utilizes LED light sources and features adjustable brightness and color temperature. Pocket lights for photography are commonly used to provide soft, even lighting for subjects, reducing shadows and enhancing the quality of the shots. Due to its portability and versatility, pocket lights for photography are widely used in various scenarios such as portrait photography, video shooting, live streaming, etc. Examples include ZHIYUN CM25 and FIVERAY M20C.

LED Stick Lights for Photography: It is a type of photography lighting with a long, stick-like shape, typically using LED light sources. Its appearance resembles that of a flashlight or a lollipop, hence the name. LED stick lights for photography usually feature adjustable brightness and color temperature, allowing for light adjustment according to the shooting requirements. Its portability and adjustability enable it to be effective in various shooting scenarios, commonly used by individual photographers for capturing portraits, product photos, landscapes, etc. Additionally, stick lights for photography are often used to create special atmospheric effects, such as in film and television production, stage performances, etc. Examples include FIVERAY V60 and FIVERAY F100.

Flat Light Photography: It is a type of photography lighting that is thin and flat, typically using LED light sources. Its appearance resembles that of a flat panel, hence the name. Due to its slim design and wide illuminating area, flat light photography can produce a softer light effect, reducing shadows, and providing a more natural lighting effect.

Ring Lights Photography: This is a type of photography lighting with a ring-shaped design, typically using LED light sources. Ring lights photography is mainly used to provide soft, even, surrounding light to reduce shadows and create a natural, soft lighting effect. Due to its special design, ring light photography is highly popular in scenarios such as portrait photography, makeup application, and video shooting, where highlighting subject contours and brightening the eyes are necessary.

COB LED Lights Photography: It is a professional-grade film and television lighting equipment, with COB standing for Chip-on-Board. COB lights typically feature high-power output and color temperature adjustment capabilities to meet various photography or film production needs. They are commonly used in professional film and television production, stage performances, studio lighting photography, etc., because they can provide high-quality, high-brightness, evenly distributed lighting effects, and have high color rendering, accurately reproducing the colors of the subjects being photographed. Among them, MOLUS G200 and MOLUS X100 belong to this type of photography lights.

Best Pocket Light for Photography

In this age of boundless creativity, have you ever been troubled by the inability to find a suitable fill light for photography? Products on the market are either bulky or lackluster in performance, often failing to meet the ever-growing demands of creators. Today, we want to introduce to you the ZHIYUN CM25 photography light, which may completely change your perception of fill lights.

Although the CM25 fill light photography is compact, its performance is not compromised in the slightest. It is reported that the illuminance of this fill light is 3 to 5 times stronger than other pocket fill light products of the same volume, with a total power of up to 25W and a maximum illuminance of 3360Lux. Such performance is enough to make it stand out among many fill lights.

Of course, besides powerful performance, ease of operation is also very important. No one wants to be bothered by complicated operations during the creative process. And the CM25 photography lights excel in this aspect. It adopts a knob adjustment method, allowing users to easily adjust brightness and color temperature with just a simple turn. This design not only makes the operation more convenient but also allows users to focus more on the creative process itself.

Furthermore, the ZHIYUN CM25 fill light also supports a wide range of color temperature adjustments, catering to both cold and warm fill light needs. Whether shooting portraits or landscapes, it can easily adapt. Additionally, it has a high color rendering index, capable of reproducing object colors and providing uniform illumination, making your creations more outstanding.

In terms of heat dissipation, the ZHIYUN CM25 fill light also performs exceptionally well. It adopts ZHIYUN's branded DynaVort Cooling System™, significantly enhancing the heat dissipation efficiency of the fill light. Even when used at high power, there is no need to worry about overheating issues. For users who require prolonged usage, this is undoubtedly a great advantage.

For beginners, the CM25 photography light is also very user-friendly. It is easy to operate and equipped with a 1/4-inch screw hole, making it easy to install on tripods or other accessories. Whether shooting videos or photos, it can easily meet the fill light needs from multiple angles.

Overall, the ZHIYUN CM25 fill light is an outstanding product. It boasts powerful performance, easy operation, excellent heat dissipation, and impressive battery life, with attention to detail. If you are an image creator, then this photography light is definitely worth having. It will become a reliable assistant on your creative journey, making your works stand out even more!