Which Phone Gimbal Is Compatible with Both Android And iPhone?

Which Phone Gimbal Is Compatible with Both Android And iPhone?

Stabilizer for Mobile Phones: The Best Choice Compatible with Android and Apple

In today's wave of mobile photography, phone stabilizers play an indispensable role. Whether for daily users or professional photographers, phone stabilizers hold significant importance. This article will delve into a mobile phone stabilizer that can simultaneously support Android and Apple phones, with a special focus on Smooth 5 and Smooth 5s introduced by ZHIYUN Technology. Let's see if they can meet users' needs and what kind of user experience they bring.

Why Are Phone Stabilizers So Important?

Addressing Shake and Instability Issues: The emergence of mobile phone stabilizers solve the problems of shaking and instability in handheld shooting, making the captured footage clearer and more stable.

Applications in Daily Life: Travel Documentation: During journeys, you can use a mobile phone stabilizer to capture stable moments of scenery, people, and activities, making memories more vivid.

Family Videos: Recording children's growth, family gatherings, celebrations, etc., a mobile phone stabilizer can make your videos more professional.

Food Sharing: Capturing moments of delicious food, a mobile phone stabilizer can make your food videos more enticing.

With the advancement of technology, Android and Apple smartphones have become the preferred choice for the vast majority of users. Therefore, a mobile phone stabilizer that is compatible with both of these operating systems has become significantly important, as it can meet a wider range of user needs.

Compatibility Analysis of Smooth 5 and Smooth 5s

We conducted rigorous compatibility testing, and the results show that both Smooth 5 and Smooth 5s can easily connect and function properly. This means that whether you are using an Android or Apple phone, these two phone gimbal stabilizers can meet your needs. They are compatible with the vast majority of Android phones, including mainstream brands such as Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. Additionally, Smooth 5 and Smooth 5s phone stabilizers are also compatible with Apple phones, including the latest models such as iPhone 13, iPhone 15, etc. Whether you are an Apple fan or an Android user, you can confidently choose these two stabilizers.

Introduction to the Features of Smooth 5 and Smooth 5s

Basic Stabilization Function: Both stabilizers are equipped with basic three-axis stabilization function, effectively suppressing shake during handheld shooting, resulting in a more stable and smooth footage.

Intelligent Functions: In addition to basic stabilization function, they also feature a range of intelligent functions such as object tracking, gesture recognition for shooting, etc., helping users create more creative video works.

Battery Life: The battery life has also been significantly improved, allowing you to enjoy shooting for a longer period of time.

Main Differences between SMOOTH5S and SMOOTH5:

Appearance: ZHIYUN SMOOTH5S features an orthogonal three-axis design, allowing for full-angle mirror movement, with minimal constraints for low-angle and ultra-wide-angle shooting, meeting various shooting angle needs. ZHIYUN SMOOTH5 features a stable three-axis design that doesn't obstruct ultra-wide-angle framing, allowing for unburdened full-angle mirror movement, enabling shooting in any desired direction.

Motor Performance: ZHIYUN SMOOTH5S boasts powerful motor performance with additional magnetic steel pieces, providing stronger load-bearing capacity, effortlessly accommodating the iPhone 14 Pro Max. ZHIYUN SMOOTH5 is equipped with full-load motor performance, featuring magnetic steel motors and upgraded stabilization algorithms, delivering sufficient power for heavy smartphones.

Fill Light: ZHIYUN SMOOTH5S integrates a three-lamp design, with a newly added built-in fill light in the pitch axis arm, reaching a peak illuminance of 650Lux; when all three lamps are on, the illuminance can reach up to 2040Lux. ZHIYUN SMOOTH5 does not support this feature.

Control Panel: ZHIYUN SMOOTH5S adopts a "full keyboard" design, integrating functions such as dial, joystick, menu callout, mode switching, and fill light control, allowing for single-handed operation for mirror movement and shooting. ZHIYUN SMOOTH5 does not support this feature.

Scene Modes: ZHIYUN SMOOTH5S offers a three-dimensional dream shooting mode with unrestricted heading axis, supporting 360° rotation shooting for spatial vertigo and transition effects. ZHIYUN SMOOTH5 supports a three-dimensional dream shooting mode, providing rotational shooting and vertigo atmosphere, offering professional mirror movement modes such as PF, L, F, and POV.

Functional Parameters: The mechanical action range of the roll axis for ZHIYUN SMOOTH5S is -90°259°, while for ZHIYUN SMOOTH5, it is -90°--210°.

Professional and User Reviews

Professional photographers in the photography industry have highly praised Smooth 5 and Smooth 5s, believing that they excel in stability and functionality. From the user's perspective, these two stabilizers are not only easy to operate but also perform reliably, making them the ideal choice for mobile photography.


As the latest smartphone stabilizers introduced by ZHIYUN Technology, Smooth 5 and Smooth 5s not only possess outstanding stability and functionality but also offer compatibility with both Android and Apple smartphones, meeting the needs of many users in the market. If you are looking for a stable, feature-rich, and highly compatible smartphone stabilizer, consider Smooth 5 and Smooth 5s. With the continuous advancement of mobile photography technology, smartphone stabilizers will become increasingly intelligent and multifunctional. We look forward to more innovations in the future Smooth series products, providing users with even better shooting experiences.



Q: Are there gimbals compatible with both Android and iPhone?

A: Yes, many gimbals are designed to be compatible with both Android and iPhone, such as the ZHIYUN Gimbal

Q: Can gimbals rotate between landscape and portrait modes?

A: Some gimbals can quickly rotate between horizontal and vertical shooting, which is useful for different types of content like TikTok videos, such as ZHIYUN mobile stabilizers.

Q: What are the main features of the SMOOTH 5 stabilizer?

A: The SMOOTH 5 stabilizer provides professional-level image stabilization technology, supports 360° tracking without dead angles, and is suitable for various dynamic shooting needs.

Q: How do I install accessories on the SMOOTH 5 stabilizer?

A: The SMOOTH 5 stabilizer supports magnetic accessory installation, allowing you to quickly add additional equipment, such as fill lights.

Q: What creative shooting modes does the SMOOTH 5 stabilizer offer?

A: In addition to basic stabilization modes, SMOOTH 5 also offers creative effects such as time-lapse and panoramic magic, enhancing the fun and professionalism of video shooting.