Photography Light

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ZHIYUN mounting adapter for MOLUS X100

ZHIYUN Bowens Mount Adapter for X100&X60

$39.00 USD
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ZHIYUN CINEPEER CM25 portable LED light, 25W brightness, 2700K-6200K color range, CRI≥96, TLCI≥97, 232g, built-in battery


$69.00 USD$59.00 USD
• 25W Hight Brightness: Maximum 25W power, 3360 Lux.• Pro Color Rendering: 2700K-6200K, CRI≥96 and TLCI≥97• 100% Pocketable: Weighs only 232g, only the size of a palm• Easy Adjustment: Two simple and intuitive dials...
ZHIYUN Black four-leaf-shaped photography light shade, with grid honeycomb, grey zipper bag, white square panel, and photography accessory.

Modifier Pack for M20/M20C

$59.00 USD
4-Leaf Barn Doors *1 Honeycomb Grips *1 Diffuser *1 Storage Bag *1
ZHIYUN MOLUS G300 COB Light, 300W brightness, MAX Extreme Mode, separate controller, ZY Vega App


$599.00 USD
• Lighter but Brighter: 1.56kg, 300W high brightness• MAX Extreme Mode: Overclockable to 500W for 20300 Lux• Separate Control: Easy to adjust the light settings• User-Friendly Design: AC & aviation ports make it easily...