Photography Light

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ZHIYUN FIVERAY M40 White Video Light Silicone Cover

FIVERAY M40 Video Light Silicone Cover

$9.90 USD
Name: FIVERAY M40 Video Light Silicone Cover Material: Silicone With FIVERAY M40 Video Light Silicone Cover, softer light it is the best choice for portrait shooting, live broadcast, video creation,...
ZHIYUN MOLUS X60 compact LED light, 60W output, RGB modes, grip battery, PD charging, Bowens mount compatibility


$199.00 USDFrom $169.00 USD
• Professional Performance: Light Effect & (X60RGB)RGB Moods• Stunning Design: Only the Size of a Credit Card• Stable Output: Full power 60W output, no stroboscopic• Easy to Power: Grip Battery & PD charging• ZY...
ZHIYUN mini black collapsible rectangular softbox for photography

ZHIYUN Mini Softbox for G60 & X100

$59.00 USD
Name: ZHIYUN Mini Softbox for G60 & X100 With Zhiyun G60&X100 photography light, the light is softer, easy to shoot, professional and portable shooting equipment


$219.00 USDFrom $149.00 USD
For a perfect illuminated art creation, here comes ZHIYUN FIVERAY FR100C, a {100W} light stick that combines great technique and outstanding accessibility. Shine bright, shine brilliantly for your creation with...