ZHIYUN Smooth 5s | How Is It Different From Other Phone Gimbals?

ZHIYUN  Smooth 5s | How Is It Different From Other Phone Gimbals?

In today's rapidly evolving digital age, video content creation has become a mainstream mode of communication and expression. The ZHIYUN Smooth 5s smartphone gimbal stabilizer, as a newcomer in the market, offers unprecedented convenience and creativity for video creators with its unique design and features. Today, we will discuss why the Zhiyun Smooth phone gimbal has carved out a place for itself in the world of photography gimbals.

For most mobile photography enthusiasts, the usability of a smartphone stabilizer is a decisive factor in their acceptance. Fortunately, products from the ZHIYUN Store confirm everything.


SMOOTH 4 phone stabilizer upholds a meticulous attitude towards professionalism, giving rise to a phone stabilizer crafted "for mobile filmmaking!" SMOOTH 4 boasts a 35% increase in response speed compared to its predecessor. Button operation and zoom experience have been significantly enhanced, coupled with the continuous improvement of the ZHIYUN APP, making SMOOTH 4 possess excellent video shooting capabilities. It is a milestone product in the development of ZHIYUN smartphone gimbals, marking the official beginning of a new era for professional-grade smartphone gimbals by ZHIYUN.

Whether it's a telescopic extension pole or a dual-axis stabilizer that provides users with intelligent, user-friendly, and powerful operating experiences, or an orthogonal three-axis stabilizer with elegant design, strong force, stable structure, quick response, comprehensive app integration, and excellent texture, the goal is to provide filmmakers with a better shooting experience. Through continuous optimization and upgrades, using high-strength and high-torque magnetic motors, we achieve large weight-bearing capacity in a compact size, combined with high-definition lenses and outstanding image quality on smartphones, enabling creators to craft art anytime, anywhere.


SMOOTH 5S boasts a high cost-performance ratio and is a powerful smartphone gimbal stabilizer hailed as the "Vlog Photography Artifact". It utilizes advanced three-axis stabilization technology to effectively counteract hand shake, resulting in smoother and clearer footage. For Vlog photographers, this means they can confidently engage in mobile shooting without worrying about the stability of the footage.

In the era of universal image creation, ZHIYUN introduces the SMOOTH 5S smartphone gimbal, enabling smartphones to capture "blockbusters". This product continues the orthogonal three-axis structural design of the SMOOTH 5, achieving omni-directional camera movement and unrestricted image creation. It features a newly embedded fill light in the pitch axis arm, with a peak illuminance of 650Lux, providing more convenience and possibilities for creators. It also supports the installation of two magnetic fill lights, with a peak illuminance of up to 2040Lux when all three lights are working simultaneously, allowing for fearless shooting in low-light and backlit environments, achieving instant lighting effects for mobile photography and enabling "blockbuster-level output, all in one step" anytime, anywhere.

The Innovation Journey of ZHIYUN Smooth 5s

Professional-grade performance, user-friendly operation: The user interface design of the ZHIYUN Smooth 5s smartphone gimbal is simple and intuitive, allowing even beginners to quickly get started. Its professional-grade performance, such as the use of high-torque magnetic motors, ensures stable shooting even in extreme conditions. This attention to detail and pursuit of quality make the ZHIYUN Smooth 5s stand out among smartphone gimbal stabilizers.

Innovative fill light function, unlimited creativity: The fill light function of the ZHIYUN Smooth 5s is a major highlight that sets it apart from other stabilizers. The built-in fill light and optional magnetic fill light provide creators with more flexibility in different lighting conditions. Whether in dimly lit streets after sunset or bright outdoor environments, it can easily adapt, ensuring that every frame is vibrant and well-lit.

ZHIYUN phone gimbal stabilizers are products that can help mobile image creators solve many problems, encouraging more people to use images to record life, making creation no longer a "privilege," but a part of life. With a light and professional attitude, making the shooting process simpler and the creation easier.