Top 6 ZHIYUN Accessories for Mastering Cinematic Shots

Top 6 ZHIYUN Accessories for Mastering Cinematic Shots

Whether you're a hobbyist or professional filmmaker, having the right gear is essential to telling compelling stories through your visuals. ZHIYUN, a leader in camera stabilizing technology, produces innovative accessories that empower creators to take their videos to the next level. Here are six must-have ZHIYUN accessories for capturing beautifully smooth and controlled cinematic shots.

  1. TransMount Magnetic Fill Light for Smooth 5/Smooth 5S

Achieving perfect lighting on the go has never been easier with the TransMount Magnetic Fill Light for ZHIYUN Smooth 5S and Smooth 5 phone stabilizer. With 360° all-around lighting and a color temperature range of 5300K to 5700K, this fill light ensures that creators can capture stunning photos and videos in any lighting condition. Plus, with a peak brightness of 580 lumens and a CRI of 95, this accessory delivers outstanding results every time.


  1. ZHIYUN MOLUS B-Series

Lighting is essential for creating cinematic scenes, and ZHIYUN MOLUS B-Series COB lights deliver both power and versatility. With power ranging from 100W to 500W and seamlessly adjust color temperature from warm 2700K to cool 6500K, these lights provide pro-level color rendering for any scenario. The intuitive controls and integrated power source make setup a breeze, while compatibility with Bowens mount accessories allows for endless creative possibilities.

  1. Modifier Pack for M20/M20C
  • Compatibility: FIVERAY M20

The Modifier Pack for M20/M20C is a creative toolkit designed to enhance the ZHIYUN FIVERAY M20 and M20C video lights. It includes a honeycomb grip diffuser and 4-leaf barn doors, providing filmmakers with precise control over lighting shape and direction. The M20C may be small, but it packs a high output with professional dimming capabilities. Its innovative features unlock a world of creative potential, ensuring that every shot is not just captured but crafted to perfection.

  1. Crane 4 MasterMove Accessories

The Crane 4 MasterMove Accessories are designed to enhance the functionality of ZHIYUN Crane 4 camera stabilizer, offering more precise control and reduced shooting fatigue. The sling grip and wrist rest allow for comfortable operation in sling mode, while the adjustable design enables seamless switching between sling and two-handed modes. With these accessories, creators can capture smooth and dynamic shots with ease.

  1. ZHIYUN Dome Diffusion for G60 & X100
  • Compatibility:ZHIYUN G60, ZHIYUN X100

Soft, diffused lighting can add a professional touch to any scene, and ZHIYUN's Dome Diffusion for ZHIYUN G60 and X100 LED video lights delivers just that. Designed to wrap around the light for a pleasant softness, this light modifier is lightweight and flexible, making it ideal for studio photography, live streaming, and outdoor shooting. With the ability to create soft, flattering light, this accessory is a must-have for any filmmaker.

  1. TransMount Focus/Zoom Control Motor 2.0
  • Compatibility:ZHIYUN Crane 2S, Weebill S, Crane 3S

The TransMount Focus/Zoom Control Motor 2.0 installs easily on popular ZHIYUN gimbals like ZHIYUN Crane 3S, Weebill S and Crane 2S for precise focus and zoom control. Featuring ultra-low latency of just 0.1 seconds and optimized gears for stability, it allows pin-sharp adjustments through the gimbal wheel or compatible app. Its compact design doesn't clutter your setup yet unleashes a world of creative possibilities.


In conclusion, ZHIYUN offers a range of cutting-edge accessories designed to elevate your filmmaking experience. Whether you're looking for precise focus control, versatile lighting solutions, or creative modifiers, ZHIYUN has you covered. By incorporating these top six accessories into your gear setup, you can unlock new levels of creativity and capture stunning cinematic shots that truly stand out. Explore the possibilities with ZHIYUN and take your filmmaking to the next level.



Q: How do I prevent lens flare when shooting outdoors?

A: To prevent lens flare, use a lens hood or matte box to block stray light from entering the lens. Additionally, shooting at certain angles or using a lens with multi-coating can help reduce flare and maintain image contrast.

Q: How do I achieve professional-looking audio in my videos?

A: To achieve professional audio quality, use external microphones (such as shotgun or lavaliere mics) to capture clear sound close to the source. Additionally, pay attention to factors like background noise, wind, and mic placement to ensure optimal audio capture.

Q: What's the difference between cinema, television and film production?

A: Cinema refers to films shot and exhibited for big screen, TV is lower budget shot for small screens, film involves creative cinematography while TV focuses on storytelling.