ZHIYUN MOLUS X60: Compact Design, Powerful Output!

ZHIYUN MOLUS X60: Compact Design, Powerful Output!

In the fast-paced world of photography and cinematography, having a reliable lighting solution that doesn't compromise on performance or portability is essential.  Enter the ZHIYUN MOLUS X60 series, a game-changer in the field of compact lighting.  Let's delve into what makes this innovative product stand out from the crowd.

Professional Performance: Light Effect & (X60RGB) RGB Moods

The ZHIYUN MOLUS X60 doesn't just illuminate your scenes; it elevates them with its professional-grade lighting performance. With a powerful 60W output, this compact light ensures strong and stable lighting, accurately capturing the true colors of your subjects. Whether you're shooting indoors or outdoors, the MOLUS X60 remains steadfast, never faltering in its performance.

Stunning Design: Only the Size of a Credit Card

Don't let its diminutive size fool you; the ZHIYUN MOLUS X60 packs a punch.  Measuring only the size of a credit card, this sleek and compact light is designed to fit seamlessly into your gear bag without adding unnecessary bulk. Its lightweight construction makes it the perfect companion for on-the-go shooting, allowing you to capture stunning footage wherever inspiration strikes.

Stable Output: Full Power 60W Output, No Stroboscopic

Consistency is key when it comes to lighting, and the MOLUS X60 delivers just that.  With its stable 60W output and advanced cooling system, this light ensures that your creativity never overheats. Say goodbye to stroboscopic effects and hello to smooth, uninterrupted lighting that enhances your visuals without distraction.


Easy to Power: Grip Battery & PD Charging

Powering the ZHIYUN X60 is a breeze with its grip battery and PD charging options.  The grip battery offers up to 50 minutes of run time, while PD charging ensures you can keep shooting without interruption.

ZY Vega App: Adjust Settings Remotely

Take control of your lighting setup with the ZY Vega App. This intuitive application allows for quick and wireless adjustment of color temperature and brightness, putting creative control at your fingertips. With features like color recognition and intelligent color matching, achieving the perfect ambiance has never been easier.


Specialized Cooling Design

Thanks to the DynaVort Cooling System™ MKⅡ, the MOLUS X60 series stays cool under pressure. Your creative sessions can be as long and intense as needed, without worrying about overheating.


Portable Light for On-the-Go Use

The ZHIYUN MOLUS X60 series, the smallest 60W full-color COB cinematography light on the market, doesn't compromise on quality or performance despite its compact size. Weighing in at just 313g (X60) or 319g (X60-RGB), this portable lighting powerhouse can easily fit into a backpack or shoulder bag, making it the perfect companion for on-the-go photographers and filmmakers. Take your creativity to new heights with the ZHIYUN MOLUS X60 series.

Compatible with Bowens Mount Modifiers

Enhance your lighting setup with ZHIYUN's range of power and light accessories.  The MOLUS X60 series is compatible with Bowens Mount Adapter, allowing you to customize your lighting rig to suit your specific needs. Whether you're shooting in the studio or out in the field, these accessories offer versatility and convenience.


In conclusion, the ZHIYUN MOLUS X60 light series is a testament to the power of compact design and technological innovation. With its professional performance, stunning design, and user-friendly features, it’s the perfect companion for any creative endeavor. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring creator, the MOLUS X60 is sure to light up your world.  If you're looking to explore the endless potential of photography lighting further, we invite you to discover the innovative range of ZHIYUN photography lights and accessories for light series. Choose the right lighting photography and unlock your artistic vision with ZHIYUN's cutting-edge lighting solutions.



Q: What are the unique features of the ZHIYUN MOLUS X60 RGB model?

A: The RGB model offers additional 6 RGB moods unique of the X60-RGB version, allowing you to add vibrant colors to your scenes for a more dynamic visual impact.

Q: What are some popular modifiers used with compact lights?

A: Common ones include softboxes/umbrellas to spread light evenly, snoots to focus output into a narrow beam, beauty dishes for flat illumination with wraparound catch lights, grids/barn doors to help shape the light by blocking spill. Reflector dishes are also widely used to direct maximum light forward.