A key factor in photography:Lighting

A key factor in photography:Lighting

Light : Transform Your Photography with Appropriate Lighting

Summary : Photography is like a dance between light and shadow. Light acts as a photographer's magic wand, capturing beautiful moments. In the world of photography, every scene, every subject requires skillful use of light to highlight astonishing beauty. This article will explore how to use different types of light to make your photos more vivid and meaningful.

In the world of light, there are various types of light, each with its unique characteristics:

Natural Light: This is the most common type of light, divided into sunlight and skylight. This is natural light photography. Sunlight is most intense around noon, presenting a vibrant effect; whereas the morning and evening sunlight is softer, emitting warm colors. Skylight provides additional light during the day, enriching the composition.

Reflected Light: Illuminating objects through reflection, its brightness depends on the texture and color of the reflecting surface. This type of light can create dramatic effects on different surfaces, offering photographers rich creative possibilities.

Led Light: Includes artificial light sources such as flashlights, desk lamps, cob lights, etc. This is an LED photography light. Artificial light is controllable, allowing for manual adjustment of brightness and color temperature, making it an essential tool for creating creative works. The use of flashlights can capture clear images in low-light conditions, while desk lamps can create a warm atmosphere.

ZHIYUN Photography Lights: Offering a Variety of LED Lighting Options

At ZHIYUN Store, we have a variety of photography lights for you to choose from, such as Molus G200, Molus X100, FIVERAY M20, FIVERAY F100, FIVERAY M40, and FIVERAY M20C.

 Get to know FIVERAY M20C

LightweightToday, let's learn about the M20C. It's a new product launched after Molus X100, boasting unique performance and convenience, causing a revolutionary change in the photography light industry. The most notable feature of the M20C is undoubtedly its compact and lightweight design. Compared to the traditional bulky photography lights, the shape is only as big as a notepad, which is so light that it seems to be able to be sucked into the bag with a single breath, allowing you to be more flexible and free in mobile shooting tasks.

 Compact and portable : The biggest selling point of the M20C is its compactness and lightweight, it is only as big as a Post-it note and weighs only 200g, which is smaller and lighter than flagship phones on the market such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Huawei Mate 60 Pro, so you can easily put it in your pocket and take it out for use anytime, anywhere, and you never have to worry about the photography light taking up space and giving your shooting a No more worrying about the photography light taking up space and burdening your shooting.

High power and strong light to illuminate the whole scene: High power and strong light to illuminate the scene: Although the ZHIYUN M20C is compact, it has an amazing 20W of power, which is unparalleled inside a pocket photography light. ZHIYUN has set a precedent in this area, allowing you to use a small light to produce a powerful light. How does it do it? It turns out that it uses the DynaVort Cooling System™ MARK II. This system allows it to make its heat sink thinner, thus optimizing the internal air ducts and lowering the wind resistance, so that its heat can be quickly discharged, ensuring that it can work stably even at 20W without overheating or dropping light.

Ultra-wide color temperature, full-color RGB, unlimited creativity: ZHIYUN M20C not only has high power but also has an ultra-wide color temperature adjustment range from 2500K to 10000K, whether it's warm light or cold light, you can switch at will, so that the atmosphere of your picture is richer. It also has a full-color RGB function that can output any color you want, making your shots more colorful. It also has 10 built-in creative light effects and 6 RGB ambient light effects, so you can easily create all kinds of special light effects, such as lightning, police cars, fireworks, and more, to make your shots even more fun. It even has 7 music modes, which can automatically change the color and brightness of the light effects according to the music's rhythm and the sound's volume, making your shots more rhythmic and attractive.

Powerful Expandability to Meet Various Scenes: The ZHIYUN M20C not only delivers a powerful light effect but also boasts impressive expandability. It is equipped with a double-sided magnetic expansion bracket and a cold shoe expansion mount, allowing you to magnetize it to any metal object or mount it on any photographic equipment. This feature makes your fill light more flexible and convenient. The M20C COMBO also comes with professional light-control accessories, including 4-leaf Barn Doors, Honeycomb Grids, Extension Brackets, and a Diffuser. These accessories enable you to adjust the softness, direction, and shape of the light according to different shooting needs, enhancing the professionalism of your lighting setup.

Bluetooth Mesh Control: the M20C supports Bluetooth Mesh Multi-Light Grouping. This feature enables you to remotely control the parameters of multiple lights through the mobile app. You can stack multiple lights to achieve higher brightness or use them at different angles and colors, adding a three-dimensional and rich quality to your lighting setup.

Extra Long Standby: The last highlight of the ZHIYUN M20C photography light is its long battery life. It is equipped with a large-capacity battery that can continue to operate at full power (20W) for 40 minutes, a rare feature among pocket photography lights. What's even more convenient is its compatibility with PD protocol power banks and charging adapters. The M20C allows for simultaneous charging and lighting.

Use Of Light Is One Of The Crucial Skills In The Creation Of Photography:

  • Soft light and hard light: Choosing soft light creates a soft effect and eliminates strong shadows; on the contrary, hard light produces a strong contrast and highlights the outline of the subject. Flexibility in choosing the type of light as needed to show different emotions and effects.
  • Direction of light: Shooting with the light can make the object brighter, side light produces a strong sense of three-dimensionality, while backlighting can outline the object and create a silhouette effect. Different light directions bring different shooting effects, which photographers can select according to the theme and purpose.
  • Color of light: The color temperature of the light affects the atmosphere of the Warm color light makes people feel warm and comfortable, while cold color light looks cold and mysterious. By skillfully using different colors of light, the photographer can inject more emotion and mood into the work.
  • By applying these theories into practice, photographers can obtain richer creative possibilities:
    1. Creative Shooting: In low-light environments, flash can be used to capture dynamic moments or create dreamy effects. For example, shooting people in the night landscape, you can use the flash to highlight the characters, while defocusing the background to make the picture more concise.
    2. Detailed performance: the use of soft light and reflected light to capture the details of the object. For example, when shooting still life, you can use soft light to show the texture and color of the object; shooting characters, you can use reflected light to brighten skin color, so that the skin looks more delicate.
    3. Atmosphere creation: According to different light characteristics, you can create a different atmosphere. For example, when shooting landscapes at dusk, you can use orange-red light to create a warm, romantic atmosphere; when shooting city buildings on cloudy days, you can use soft light to show the calmness of the buildings and the sense of history.

    In conclusion, mastering the use of light is the key to photography. By practicing and exploring, you can create more amazing photographs with the use of light. Remember, light is not just a tool for taking pictures, but also a bridge for you to express your emotions and convey messages. Capture the beauty of light in the world with your lens!